159 Professionals Join Insurance Industry Workforce

The Chartered Insurance Institute of Nigeria (CIIN) on Tuesday inducted 159 graduands as Associates and admitted six Associates to the Society of Fellows.

In a welcome remake at the institute’s 2015 graduation and awards ceremony in Lagos, the President Lady Isioma Chukwuma  As I congratulate the 159 graduands being inducted as Associates today as well as the 6 Associates to be admitted to the Society of Fellows, said that the new inductees will engender greater commitment to the Institute and the Insurance profession, as a whole.

She reiterate that the Institute’s resolute commitment to the ideals of professionalism and will continue to exercise its statutory responsibilities as enshrined in Act No. 22 of 1993 of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

She added that a  major provision of the statute is the responsibility to continually determine the skills and knowledge required by persons seeking to become registered members of the Insurance profession. The Governing Council has therefore remained irrevocably committed to the smooth conduct of the professional examinations and also in strengthening the examination system through regular review of the syllabus and examination structure.

She said that the Institute is determined to continually strengthen the examination system through regular review of the syllabus and examination structure.

Her words: “We are conscious of the Industry dynamics and the emerging challenges with new and complex human capital needs.  The challenges facing the industry today not only require a fresh impetus in human capital development but also a renewed vigour and approach to skills recreation in order to equip practitioners for the huge tasks of managing the current realities in the business landscape. I wish to state that the Institute is on the verge of completing another review of its syllabus as it is our desire to produce professionals that can compare favourably with their contemporaries in other climes.”

She urged them  to upheld the tenets of the profession, stressing that all Certificates issued by the Institute remain the Institute’s property and could be withdrawn from the holders if the Institute has good reasons to do so.

She said that the institute reserves the right to withdraw its certificate from any holder, if it discovers any breach of the examination process, adding that other reasons for such withdrawal of certificates could emanate from unethical conduct or any act(s) that could bring the Institute and indeed the profession into disrepute.

The ideal of an Ethical and Professional Best Practice  she said is being pursued by the Institute to reposition and reinforce the integrity of the profession.

“I must assert, on this occasion, that the attainment of professional qualification should not be seen as an end in itself. It therefore behoves all holders of the qualifications to be mindful of the importance of Continuous Professional Development.

“As you are aware, the MCPD has become institutionalized with varying degrees of enforcement by most professions. In our own case, it engenders a scheme which requires all members to locate themselves in the point scoring scheme, hence it is referred to by our Institute as the Mandatory Continuous Professional Development (MCPD) programme. Professionals should not exempt themselves from this scheme under any guise.  The MCPD is, unarguably, an inalienable part of our professional education and development and should be treated as such.”

Also the ceremony also saw 33 graduands emerging best students award in different categories while five others won the overall best students award.

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Source: Businesstodayng.com