Don’t go here without travel insurance

Product comparison site has revealed some of the worst countries to not have travel insurance in, looking at the cost of hospital beds in popular tourist destinations.

The site analysed 10 000 anonymised travel insurance quotes and WHO Department of Health Systems Financing estimates.

The study looked at the top 20 most popular tourist destinations for Australians.

Singapore came out on top as having the most expensive hospital beds, with an average of Aus$893.34 (R10 054).

In second place was the United States, with a cost of Aus$751.06 (R8 452).

The study also looked at the average cost of travel insurance for the 20 countries.

Only in six destinations – Fiji, Indonesia, China, the Philippines, India and Vietnam – was a day in a hospital bed cheaper than travel insurance.

However, the study underpins the importance of travel insurance – after all, these costs are for only one day in a hospital bed and do not cover medication.

Here are some of the worst places to not have insurance while travelling:
1. Singapore – Aus$893.34 (R10 054)
2. United States of America – Aus$751.06 (R8 452)
3. Hong Kong – Aus$721.53 (R8 123)
4. Netherlands – Aus$671.13 (R7 555)
5. Canada – Aus$603.99 (R6 799)
6. United Kingdom – Aus$564.34 (R6 353)
7. Germany – Aus$561.44 (R6 320)
8. France – Aus$517.35 (R5 824)
9. Japan – Aus$507.49 (R5 713)
10. Spain – Aus$486.55 (R5 477)