Your New Year Insurance Resolution for 2017 in brief…..

This New Years, ensure you make resolutions you can actually keep and will benefit you more than you think. 

The two most popular New Year’s resolutions are “going to the gym” and “eating healthily.” As it also turns out, the two resolutions that are most commonly broken are “going to the gym” and “eating healthily.” Instead of making resolutions that you will statistically break, why not make resolutions that you can keep and will help you. These are the New Year’s Insurance resolutions you should make at the end of the year to make sure you are ready for 2017.

New Year’s Insurance Resolutions

  1. Life Insurance
    As the new year rolls around, a new life may be awaiting on the other side. You may be expecting or adopting a child and starting a family, and that means you need life insurance. Life insurance provides financial security for your family should your passing come before your time. The death benefit is able to help your spouse pay for the funeral, mortgage, other debts, and any future tuition your children may have.
  2. Auto Insurance
    New year, New car! Your auto insurance only provides coverage for the car with which you purchased insurance. The reason you need a new policy is because your coverage is based on the miles you drive, and the make and model of the car. If you report an accident and the car doesn’t match your policy, you may not be covered. If you got a new car to celebrate the new year or are expecting to buy one in 2017, you are going to need a new auto insurance policy.
  3. Personal Accident Insurance : A personal accident insurance is the most important and cheapest of the pack which protects you or your loved ones financially in the event that you suffer an accident or disability. The good thing with this insurance cover is that, there is huge opportunity for Cash for Accidents, Death Benefits, Disability Benefits. This policy could be arranged at just the price of a Recharge Card.

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Source: Insuranceblitz