Sincerely…Who needs a Personal Accident Insurance Cover?

Have you imagined how awkward it looks not to get a Personal Accident Insurance in Nigeria?

Contrary to popular belief, Personal Accident Insurance coverage isn’t just for risky jobs . In fact if you haven’t read or heard anything about Personal Accident Plans, they’re useful for variety of reasons and this applies to just about everyone.

Whether your the sort who loves to hail a Bike from Abule-Egba to Victoria Island, cut costs by breaking your journeys through different buses from one destination/location/State to another, your lifestyle revolves around the church or mosques or just laze at home and watch TV all day, HERE’S WHY PERSONAL ACCIDENT INSURANCE IS IMPORTANT FOR YOU:

1. It covers all kinds of disablement in just One plan

You’ve probably heard this many times from your insurance advisor but we shall ignorantly reiterate this to you again; You’ll never know when you might a major Accident that requires an extra cash. STAY WOKE!!!

It might be a little hurtful to say such things, but even if you meditate everyday on your bed, risks of accidents are everywhere. It’s one of those harsh truths we don’t want to hear.

What if you really did get permanently disabled from an accident one day? What could you do when you are unable to maintain an income?

I know what your thinking…

“Ehn Ehn, Me I don’t pray for bad thing o, whereas I pray daily and commit my life to God before going out. Besides I don’t have a need for insurance abeg”


Great but awkward response, we live in a country where minimum wage cannot cover daily or monthly expenses, students monthly allowance cannot cover the cost of books and handouts, an Okada or Bus driver cannot maintain simple traffic rules and so on.

Hence, the need for a Personal Accident insurance which takes care of any form of disablement. Even if you didn’t lose any of your body parts, as long as you were temporarily unable to work due to an accident, you’re covered.

Personal Accident policies are the most common type of insurance that provides lump sum payment if you became partially/permanently disabled. Temporary disablement will typically result in a weekly benefit being paid out.

2. Flexible medical reimbursement

Here’s the best part: PA requires no medical underwriting!

This means you do not need to be hospitalized to make a claim. Even if you didn’t sustain any major injuries or got disabled from Accident, Personal Accident plans cover treatments (almost) everything that results directly from an accident.

This is especially useful for kids, students, elderly and sporty peeps who are most prone to accidents. Activities like cycling and hiking can result in falls here and there and with the increasing use of bikes and Keke Napep in our cities? This coverage will definitely come in handy.

3. Low Premiums

Most PA plans offer N1,000,000 coverage for about N3,000. That works out to less than N100 a day! Your internet data also not so cheap.

It’s certainly worth the cost, which is a one-time payment, to ensure that should something happen, you do not have to cough out a lot more than money than expected.

If you are a Member of an association, Co-Operative society, NURTW, Okada Riders Association etc, this policy is for you and your members.


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