Wapic Insurance Plc: Reaping the benefits of laudable gender practice

Despite the prevailing turbulent economic situation in the country, investors of the Wapic Insurance Plc, have applauded the Board and Management of the firm for impressive financial performance for the year 2016.

The company’s Board, led by Aigboje Aig-Imoukhuede, at the 58th Annual General Meeting in Lagos earned shareholders’ commendation for promoting gender inclusiveness based on the number of women in its employment at both junior and senior management cadre as in the composition of its Board.

“Women are well represented on the company’s Board, at top Management level as well as in the entire workforce,” he said.

According to him, 33.4 per cent of company’s board members are women, 60 per cent of the top management are females, and 51 per cent of the total employees are females. “This is not only commendable; it is also on record that Wapic Insurance is as one of few insurance companies with a female MD/CEO.”

As a demonstration of their support for the company, shareholders collectively expressed confidence in the company’s future performance, saying, “With the company in the hands of women, they will manage it better as in all things.”

Aig-Imoukhuede expressed gratitude to the shareholders for their unflinching support and firm belief in the capacity of the Board and Management to transform Wapic Insurance into a globally-admired insurance company that delivers value to shareholders.

He attributed the effectiveness of the company’s gender inclusiveness practice to its broad-minded perspective on equal employment opportunities, noting that “Wapic Insurance will continue to encourage full representation of women at all levels and roles in the workforce.”