Mobile Offices: Leadway takes Insurance to your doorsteps


Leadway Assurance Limited, has launched mobile office which it said would amongst other things facilitate easy penetration of insurance to Nigerians.

The company also said that the mobile office, which contains everything found in its normal offices is meant to reduce the cost of setting up conventional offices in different places with staff, in order to reach its target customers in a particular area and serves as research vehicle which would help to underpin insurance potential in a particular area.

Leadway Executive Director, General Business, Ms. Adetola Adegbayi, said the Mobile Office, which is equipped with state of the art communication technology gadgets would allow customers to be serviced real-time, end to end wherever they may be, adding that it would also act as a research tool, which would help the organisation in setting up branches.

According to her, with the mobile office in place, once the organisation, through the help of the office, observes that there is a huge demand for insurance in a particular area, it would move in there to start a satellite office adding that this would guide the company in establishing relevant offices and avoid the mistake of establishing unproductive branches.

According to Adegbayi, this underpins the firm’s capacity to drive retail insurance in Nigeria, as residents can now easily purchase very affordable micro-insurance products such as “Home Flexa” – which offers comprehensive personal/shop insurance coverage protection for home and belongings, including shops, personal accident and funeral expenses at just about N13,000 annually.

Other products available on the Mobile Office, according to her include: the Leadway “Hospital Cash Plan” which provides the benefits for hospitalisation from accidental injuries or illness for as low as N7,000 annually.

She said the team will also sell the Leadway Third Party Vehicle Liability Insurance, basic Life and Life investment linked assurance and other Leadway retail insurance policies.