Professionalism: How to be the Best Insurance Manager


The Commissioner for Insurance, Alhaji Mohammed Kari, has advised insurance professionals to imbibe the spirit of professionalism and abide by the ethics of their profession in the conduct of their business.

Kari, who gave the advice at the investiture of Mrs. Funmi Babington- Ashaye as the 48th President of the Chartered Insurance of Nigeria( CIIN), said as the number of qualified insurance professionals in the country who constitute members of the institute grew to 3316, it is now imperative for them to ask how many of these CIIN certified and qualified members have exhibited and sustained the spirit of the profession and how many of us conduct our business in line with the ethics, standards and principles that guide the practice of an insurance professional.

These, he said ” are some concerns I felt we should try to address especially as we usher in a new era and leadership in the Institute.”

He added: “The current developments in the country obviously call for our collaborative effort to reposition the profession and rebrand the institute. With the benefit of hindsight, it is apparent that no arm of the industry can do it standing alone. The achievements of the CIIN over the years could not have been possible without the active support and participation of all arms of the industry. I want to implore every segment of the sector to continue to work together and grow the industry for the benefit of all.”

He further said there is obvious need for a reawakening to ensure that trained professionals are continually retrained and equipped with prevailing skills and knowledge for optimal performance in line with international best practice.

According to him, the commission, would continue to support the institute to ensure that Insurance professionals are regularly updated to enable them align with current global trends.

“Suffice it to say that it is high time that the CIIN as a professional body reinvented itself, updated its curriculum to either adopt or adapt contemporary best practices for the overall benefit of the profession. I will implore our brand new president to treat these issues as priority in her agenda. These steps when taken will certainly engender respect and credibility for the Institute and the insurance industry”, he said.

He expressed belief that given the choice of FunmiBabngt-Ashaye as the 48th CIIN President, the institute is in very competent and capable hands.

“Indeed, the new president is a woman of immense value and intellectual prowess with strong willingness to contribute her quota to the development of the insurance sector especially in the area of insurance education and awareness. We are confident that she will bring her experience spanning over 20 years as an insurer, broker and administrator to bear in her leadership of the Institute”, Kari stated.

He said over the years, the CIIN has achieved a number of milestones in various aspects including but not limited to:

Attracting more people into its fold as members, increase in visibility of the Institute and its activities, developments of academic activities at the college of insurance; enhanced pursuit of relevance in educational institutions, establishment and sustenance of the IICC among others.